Soroush Baran is a relatively young Company which enjoys the valuable experience and expertise of the family of its founders. Agriculture has been their core business with more than 50-year experience in production of Gardening tools and machineries and import and distribution of Agricultural seeds and fertilizers. Enjoying this experience and support along with modern approaches and marketing strategies, Soroush Baran Co was established in 2008. Setting well-organized after-sales service, developing a network customers, offering technical consultation, employing experienced experts in different regions of the country, introducing high quality products and active representatives all around the country indicates how firm and committed we are towards our missions and visions.
Head quarter of Soroush Baran is in Tehran and we are benefiting from the experiences of our marketing staff (agronomists), our sales team and managers. In our sales and marketing dept. the country is divided into 2 large areas each area subdivided into regions. Each area is handled by one marketing, one technical and one sales expert.
Soroush Baran is now considered a leading company in the field of fertilizers, gardening and agricultural tools and machinery in Iran. We provide high quality products with reasonable prices for over 1200 agents and customers in all major areas of Iran. The Gardening and agricultural tools and machineries are supplied by reliable manufacturers from Korea, Taiwan and China. We provide a wide range of fertilizers from different suppliers, including:

  • MANASEER, Jordan: NPK, Straight Fertilizers
  • HUMINTECH, Germany: Humic Products
  • SICIT, Italy: Amino Acids
  • JAER, Spain: Fe (EDDHA)
  • DUSLO, Slovakia: Calcium Nitrate
  • FERTIMORE, Italy: NPK Fertilizers
  • FERTIPLUS, France: Trace Elements